Sunday, March 7, 2010

Again........!!!!!!! then the good news.

Hallo everybody, it's me again. I only talk to you every now and then but to me it is better to write one long letter than write everyday a little.

The last time I talked to you I was very down and did not know what is happening at Steve Beko hosp. Well I have news. But this news do not come without a story, again.......!

I was called by Sr Patricia from the kidney unit at Steve Beko hosp informing me that I need to come in again, for admittion. The dr's want to see me and finish the last test. I was admitted to the kidney unit on 23 Nov 2009 to finish up my last outstanding tests. Or so I thought. It will only be about a week then I am out of there with my report for 1 Mil hosp.

On Monday 23 Nov 2009 I went to the hosp with my car (Petro or Gerhard would collect my car during the day)I was in the ward at 6:30 to get the necessary papers to be admitted at admissions. I went through admission very quicly, not the usual long queue.
In the ward they started me on my first 24 hours urine collection (the previous course of collection was to long ago and they need to do it again) so for the next 3 days that is what I did in the hosp. Doing my business in a bottle.
After the three days I was just there waiting for the results. On the Friday I went on weekend pass and had to be back the next week. The Sunday I went in again for the next week. By now I was not happy because it is now for the second week and the first week I only did the bottle thingy. The next week they did sonars (which they already did previously) but there were new dr's and they want to see a new sonar. So I went for the sonar.
During this week I started with a sharp pain in my right side. The dr's said that I am bleeding into one of my cycts and that is what cause the pain.
The Friday I went on weekend pass again. Sunday I was back again for the third week, "to do the rest of the outstanding tests" On Wednesday I went for the test to see if there is any problems with my bladder (if I go for a transplant that my bladder would not be a problem) there were no problem. The dr's send me for another sonar to make sure that the bleeding into my cycts are not bad, I still had the pain in my side. No problems. On Friday 11 Dec 2009 I was discharged, all my tests done. I had to come back for the Professor's panel on Friday 15 Jan 2010.

On Friday 15 Jan 2010 I went to see Prof Potgieter with his panel. HE HAD GOOD NEWS FOR ME. According to all the test I don't need a transplant or dialysis at the moment. The Prof said that I can still go on with my kidneys as they are at the moment, I just need to stick to my diet, drink a lot of water and no bundgie jumping, then I will be fine.
Is'nt that good news, I was estatic, over the moon. The sr said I must just wait for the report and then I can go.
After a good hour or two I told the sr I would be back for the report in next week. I had to go to Gerna and her family in Potchefstroom for the weekend, we had something to celebrate.
The next week Tuesday when I phoned the report was not ready and I had to wait, they will phone me as soon if it is ready. After two weeks I did not phone again and decided that I am now tired of waiting and phoning to them. The calls came three weeks after my panel discussion. I went to fetch the report. And you won't belief. It is a small piece of paper (not even A4) saying the following to my dr at 1 Mil Hosp.
"Pt with Stage 3CKD. adult polycystic kidney disease.
this confirms that the above mentioned was worked up at our renal unit. she has stage 3 CKD, her urinating cysogram and cystoscopy + pylogram were normal. She has been advised to remain on her chronic meds and also to drink a lot of water for her polycystic kidney disease. She is not for dialysis at present".
That is it after a year being in and out of the hosp, disrupting life and those around me (I had to ask somebody everytime to take me to hosp and collect either my car or myself again)and that is all they have to say. What kind of report is that. "drink a lot of water!!!!!!" O sorry they indicated that I am stage 3, whow what an achievement that is what they found all this time????!!!!!.......
I am not happy.
On 15 Apr 2010 I must see dr Ledwaba at 1 Mil hosp again, to take her the small piece of paper. it is laughable isn't is.
Thats enough about me, I am ok and going strong. God is so good to put my kidneys "on hold" for a while so that I can takle other issues that need my attention now, more important stuff than me. All this time everybody was fussing over me and now there are other more important stuff to do.
Love you sis.

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